2107 – Lot 207 – Crochets & Embroideries


Συλλογή από χειροποίητα πετσετάκια πλεκτά του “σμυλιού” και μια Κινέζικη ομπρέλα.

A Chinese umbrella with a fine printed fabric W70cm, together with a collection of five traditional Cypriot crochet table mats with repeat daisy patterns, two 23x23cm, one 26x26cm, one 30x30cm and one 40x30cm together with two embroidered tea pot covers, the one a Traditional Cypriot Lefkaritiko 30x30cm, and the other European lace 40x30cm. (8)

Prov.: DP33

Sold for: €50 plus premium