2009 – Lot 97 – Russian Porcelain


Ρωσικές αυτοκρατορικές πορσελάνες του Τσάρου Παύλου Ι και της Μεγάλης Αικατερίνης Β’.

Α pair of bisque, or unglazed, porcelain busts of Russian Tsar Paul I and Empress Catherine II, created in Russia in the late 18th Century by the Imperial Porcelain Factory / Lomonosov Porcelain Factory. The model of Catherine realistically modelled, wearing a laurel wreath in her hair, was made by Jacques-Dominique Rachette after the marble original by Fedot Shubin (1783). Each bust is supported by an ormolu (gilt bronze) square base, the corners scalloped, intricately cast with foliate forms. From each base rises a bisque porcelain waisted cylindrical podium, wrapped at the bottom by an ormolu wreath, the cylinder with vertical lines encompassed by encrusted porcelain floral garlands. This porcelain cylinder supports a mounted pinched porcelain socle adorned with garlands of flowers, which in turn supports the bust. H52cm (2)

Prov.: PK11

Sold for: €5000 plus premium