1912 – Lot 79 – Floor Lamps


Γαλλικό φωτιστικό δαπέδου.

“LA TENTATION” FLOOR LAMP. Art Deco AFTER Edgar Brandt bronze snake floor lamp, fashioned as a custom snake lamp stylized after the original design concept of Edgar Brandt.  Depicts a highly detailed snake coiled around a light shade with an open mouth, exposing it’s fangs and forked tongue, and arising from the lid of a woven basket. The large W41cm  custom hand-blown one-of-a-kind French Art Glass shade, marked  by “Muller Freres, Luneville” in blue and red colours. The bronze head of the snake marked with the initials MFRL. Total height 165cm.

Prov.: Th. Zintilis Est. 045

Starting Price: 2000  Estimate: €20003000