1912 – Lot 172 – Asian Art


Μπρούντζινο άγαλμα Βούδα Βιρμανίας.

A Burmese ‘shan’ style gilt bronze figure of standing, crowned and jeweled Buddha, 18th/19th century The figure dressed in uttarasanga with hands cast in Abhaya Mudra (symbolising peaceful intentions and peace-making), raised upon a stepped plinth, the face traditionally carved in the Burmese manner, with arched eyebrows, narrowed eyes and elongated ears, the head surmounted by large Ushnisha, The (shan) migrated from the Yunnan area in China, and their population has now spread across Vietnam, Burma and Thailand. The earliest shan depiction of Buddha dates back to the 16th/17th century and early examples are similarly modelled on raised lotus plinth bases, such as this example. H51cm.

Prov.: Th. Zintilis Est. 104

Sold for €400 plus premium