1705 Lot 115 – Porcelain & Ceramics



Γερμανικές πορσελάνες – κουτιά και πιατάκι μαζί με ένα μπουκάλι αρώματος Τσεχίας.

A collection of German porcelain objects of vertu comprising a Meissen Marcolini period square box and cover with gold trim, an oval box and lid hand decorated with flowers H10cm, a Rosenthal – Moliere reticulated bon-bon dish and a Czechoslovakian small jeweled perfume bottle decorated with seven red coral cabochon stones on the front and white enamel painted flowers with a glass in the middle, decorated into the wiring of the filigree. The gold colour filigree is in good condition. The screw on top is brass filigree, a shade darker than the filigree on the bottle and there is a large cabochon coral stone on top. Marked on the screw top is “Czechoslovakia”, broken up in two lines. There is a glass dauber attached to the brass screw top. c1920-1930. H55mm. (6)

Prov.: NC006

Sold for €58.92 incl. premium