2003 – Lot 119 – Pictures & Paintings


Πίνακας Γαλλικής Σχολής, πάλη ερημίτη με Μαμελούκους ή Οθωμανούς.

Circle of Horace Vernet, French Orientalist school, oil on canvas of a hermit in white long beard holding a flail in battle with two Mamelukes or Ottomans on horse backs. Indistinctly signed and dated 1836. In a carved gilt wood frame of the period. Canvas size 68X54cm, frame 90X77cm. Purchased in the 80s from the collection of Nikos Dikaios, Leda Gallery, Lyon, France.

Prov.: LHA70

Starting Price: €1750  Estimate: €17503500