1809 – Lot 129 – Antique Maps


Συλλογή από 13 χάρτες 19ου αιώνα της Παλαιστίνης.

PALESTINE – A collection of thirteen maps c19th century.

(1) PALESTINE, by Wyld – J. Thomson C1820 with inset of ‘View of Bethlehem &C, 292X224mm.

(2) PALESTINE DIVISEE EN XII TRIBUS, C1880 by Vuillemines – Hachette Paris, with inset of ‘Jerusalem’ and ‘Les Pays visites par Jesus Christ avec ses itineraires, 260X195mm.

(3) PALESTINE according to the Ancient Itineraries, C1870, by W. Hughes – Longman & Co, 240X176mm.

(4) PALESTINE by I. Dower – Orr & Smith, London, c1836, 256X208mm.

(5) Map of PALESTINE illustrating the New Testament, c1815, by Arrowsmith – Thomson, 250X203mm.

(6) PALESTINE c1880, with inset ‘Jerusalem’, 281X226mm.

(7) PALESTINE – French – by Herm. Berghaus – Justus Perthes, c1874, 281X212mm.

(8) PALESTINE IN THE TIME OF CHRIST – English by W & A.K. Johnston, insets of jerusalem and the Temple, c1870, 297X214mm.

(9) Palaestina inde a Maccabaeorum temporibus, by Menke – Justus Perthes, with inset of Hierosolyma, c1862, 200X250mm.

(10) PALESTINA with Part of Syria by W. Hughes, with inset of Jerusalem, c1857, 293X210mm.

(11) PALESTINA YN AMSER CRIST – Welsh, by W & A.K. Johnston, with insets of Jerusalem and the Temple, c1830, 305X215mm.

(12) Palestina ante exilium, by Menke – Justus Perthes, with insets of Hierosolyma, Jerusalem, Regnum Davidis atque Salomonis and Palestina atque Aegyptus inferior, c1862, 205X260mm.

(13) PALESTINE ANCIENT AND MODERN by Augustus Petermann – London, c1840, 268X200mm.

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