1806 – Lot 127 – Janssonius, Map of Cyprus


Χάρτης της Κύπρου αντίγραφο του Τζανσόνιους.

Janssonius-Hondius, Appendix Atlantis (Amsterdam 1637) 380x500mm, copy from Willem Janszoon and Joan BLAEU , ” Cyprus Insula “, Theatrum Orbis Terrarum , sive Novus Atlas , Amsterdam 1635. Copper engraved map of Cyprus with Aphrodite in the right corner , circa 1637.

Prov.: ΑΗ09

Sold for €1000 plus premium

A new double folio map of Cyprus completely based on the famous 1573 Cyprus map of Ortelius but with artistic alterations that render it the finest copper-plate map of the island until that time. It appeared first in the second volume of Willem Blaeu’s opus, Atlas Novus published in 1635 in Latin, German, Dutch and French. The same map was used by Joan Blaeu, the son of Willem, in eleven-volume, Atlas Maior, Sive Cosmographia Blaviana. In 1637, two years after its original publication, Joannes Janssonius made a replica of the map which appeared in the Janssonius-Hondius, Appendix Atlantis (Amsterdam 1637). The two copper-plates are hardly distinguishable but for some minor differences such as Nicosia corrupted to Nocosia on Janssoniusmap.