1604 – Lot 069: Lamp


Αυστριακή κρεμαστή λάμπα Αρ Νουβό.

An Austrian Art Nouveau DITMAR hanging cast iron rise and fall oil lamp with a green and pinc ceramic body and original white opaline shade. C19th century. Converted to electicity. Missing the middle weight and the glass chimney. H90cm, W33cm. (2)

Sold for €354 incl. premium.

Karl Rudolf Ditmar: born 3rd May 1818, in Preslau in the state of Brandenburg, died 22nd March, 1895, Znaim, Moravia. Rudolf and his brother Friedrich relocated to Vienna in 1839, where they traded in oil lamps. On the 5th August 1841, as the Ditmar Brothers, they opened their own metalwork facility manufacturing oil lamps. In the 1850’s Rudolf developed the “Viennese Moderateur Lampe”, an adjustable oil supply mechanism, which came to dominate world markets. Due to changes in fashion, lamp bodies changed to ceramic from metal due to the infinite number of design possibilities available. Therefore, in 1879, Rudolf opened an art pottery factory in Znaim, originally manufacturing lamp bodies in earthenware, however some porcelain has also been seen. Around 1890 they also started producing a range of steins. Rudolf died in 1895.

Estimate: €300-600