1512 Lot 140 – Pictures – Pierre Bonirote


Pierre Bonirote (Γάλλος 1811-1891, Σχολή Αθηνών)

Pierre Bonirote (French 1811-1891, Athens School). On the balcony. Portraits of two women on the balcony of a house in an Italian City. The one in front believed to be the Duchess of Placentia (Sophie de Marbois-Lebrun) a Greek Philhellene who played a major role in Bonirote’s appointment at the Athens Art Department at the Polytechnic School in 1840-43.  The other young woman is believed to be her daughter Eliza who passed away at a young age. Oil on canvas, signed (upper left) 73X92cm.

Provenance: The painting belonged to a Cypriot collector who bought it from Leda Gallery (Nikos Dikaios) France. It has travelled to London to be auctioned by Bonham’s Lot 414 (25/11/2014). It came back to Cyprus, was restored and now belongs to a private collector.

Sold for €11,428 incl. premium

Estimate: €11,000-17,000