1502 – Lot 421: Jean-Baptiste Pigalle sculpture


After, Jean-Baptiste Pigalle (French, 1714-1785). A French bronze sculpture with dark brown and green patina, representing Mercury or Hermes the messenger god, sitting on a rock, tying his sandal, wearing his unique winged hat, signed Pigalle.  Cast of the nineteenth century c1870 from the original by Jean Baptiste Pigalle. H25cm, W13cm, D15cm without the base. On black wooden base. (2)

Jean-Baptiste Pigalle, great French sculptor was born in Paris in 1714. He works his art very young under the guidance of Robert Le Lorrain and Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne. Convinced that his art is the meaning of his life, he joined Italy in 1734 to perfect his technique. On his return, he began his “Mercury attaching his sandal” (1740), now in the Louvre. His reputation swells in the heart of the Parisian aristocracy. Madame de Pompadour took him under her wing at the same time as the orders flow.  He died in Paris in 1785, leaving behind a remarkable achievement.

Sold for €1179 incl. premium

Estimate: €2000-2500